Green screen studio

Our green screen studio situated in the heart of Cologne-Deutz near to the Cologne trade fair, the WDR and RTL, which can be used for music video shooting, as an interview location or as a virtual studio for live streaming with up to 50 Mbps Internet speed for uploading. Our stable and evenly worked Infinity Cove made of plastic fiberglass that works in each corner and guarantees a clean key. It offers ideal conditions for small to medium-sized productions on an area of 5 x 5 metres and a ceiling height of 2.40 metres. 10 surface lights illuminate the green box evenly. Mollton curtains, sound insulation and mobile acoustic modules also ensure a clean and natural sound when recording sound. Moreover, in midsummer, the studio is pleasantly cool.

You can bring the appropriate photo, camera, sound, and light equipment with you or get it directly from our rental. A booking inclusive of Camera team and post-production is of course possible too.

Next to the studio there is a separate mask and change room. There is also a shower. The direct processing of the recorded takes can be carried out in our post-production and the sound booth. Ideally, for example, you can view the recordings under optimal conditions and adjust the key for a brilliant result…

Let us consult you. We are looking forward to your call.