Camera Team

We offer the exact team and accurate technology for every shooting. Whether viral spot, image film, infotainment, documentary or classic ENG Crew, with us you are always in the best hands. We are well connected and have the right specialists for every job, be it for drone shots, operation of teleprompters, high-speed cameras or camera cranes. In addition, lighting technicians, grippers, cutters and make-up artists and our crew members are well trained and up to date to do their job.

Technically, we are always up to date because of our in-house camera rental. We have a wide range of different cameras, lenses, light, grip and audio equipment in Full HD, 4 or 8K, 2/3″, Super 35 or in full-frame format from where we draw and rotate according to your wishes. In addition to the standards such as the Sony PDW 700 and the PXW-FS7, we also like to offer camera teams with the Red Gemini or the Arri Amira. You can also book camera teams with Sony’s new full-frame camera, the PXW FX-9.

We are known for our fast response time and serve short-term requests almost at any given time. With our LiveU600c, we can also execute live connections (telecasting) and material transmission from almost anywhere of the world.

Last but not least, we are trying to become climate neutral. That’s why we are gradually switching our fleet to e-mobility. In the inner-city area, our team will be able to drive with an e- delivery bike and e-bike if possible, while we cover other routes in a climate-friendly way with a Tesla Model 3. If you have concerns about range and charging capacity, you can also book a Ford Galaxy as a team car. You can find out more about FinderTV and climate protection in the “Sustainability“.