Our studio on the Co-Campus in Cologne Braunsfeld pampers our customers with optimal production conditions. Using a curtain system, the white cove can be transformed into a green, blue or black screen studio in minutes and thus offers a wide range of applications, for music video shoots, as an interview location or as a virtual studio for live streaming productions. Our stable and evenly crafted fillet made of glass fibre plastic is worked at both ends around corners and offers ideal conditions for small to medium-sized productions on an area of 7 x 4 metres and a ceiling height of 4.20 metres. Already included are a make-up room and 6 Aputure Nova 300D for background lighting. Right next door, we also offer a representative show kitchen, which is also beautifully lit, as a filming location.

You can bring the appropriate photo, camera, sound and light equipment with you or get it directly from our rental. A booking incl. Camera team and post-production is of course also possible.

Let us advise you. We look forward to your call.